Estimated 4.7 million people suffer dog bite annually-Study

It is often said that dogs are man’s best friends, but studies have revealed that these best friends bite more than 4.7 million people annually.

It is also estimated that about 800,000 injuries that require medical attention do originate from the estimated 4.7 million bites annually.

Also, 50% of these bites take place in the pet owners’ homes which may make the landlord liable when pets attack people, inflicting injuries.

Meanwhile, a landlord is not liable if a pet belonging to a tenant inflicts injuries on people but such owner must answer questions.

Just leasing an apartment to a renter with a dog usually isn’t enough by itself to make a landlord legally responsible for a renter’s dog. For example, if a renter’s apparently friendly dog bites someone, the landlord isn’t liable for the injury.

Wounds from dog bite
Wounds from dog bite

A court would have to prove that the landlord had prior knowledge that the animal in question was a danger to the community, which is difficult, if not impossible in most cases. There have been cases of landlords who forbid their tenants keeping pets because of possible attacks by such pets.

Pet liability is not isolated to dogs alone but other exotic pets. This is the more reason pet owners must ensure periodic vaccination of their pets to limit the chances of infections and rabies sometimes carried by these lovely pets.

While people can sometimes be ignorant about how to treat animals, pets are sensitive to those who love them and always want to be loyal to protecting them. This service may however become more dangerous when there is a bite from pets.

However, prevention, they say is better than cure, when there is a pet around, no matter how friendly, such pets must be put in check.

Also, when things however go wrong, and the eventuality happens, there must be an instant first aid to be followed by a quick medical intervention. This can prevent further damage that may be so costly eventually.


*Story by Dayo Emmanuel


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  1. Wow What a very insightful study. But it so sad that it is only few people in this part of the country that have a spot for keeping pets and the few that do have are almost inseparable from their pets. The question now is, since we can not really predict what time a pet might react. How then can dog bites be reduced?

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