Ten most dangerous dog breeds

...those breeds you must not joke with

From time immemorial man has successfully domesticated dogs. Today scores of dog breeds have been developed to suit various purposes. Meanwhile several of these breeds are configured to be dangerous. Below are 10 most dangerous dog breeds on earth and such that must be handled with care.

10. Akita Inu

Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a native of Japan and one of the most dreaded dogs on the island nation. It is only second to Tosa Inu, a fighting dog. The Akita is now a national dog and symbol of Japan. Many Japanese families have come to adopt the Akita as family guards. They are also prized gifts to loved persons because of their usefulness as they offer world-class protection. They attack as a form of defence.


  1. Doberman Pinscher


The Doberman Pinscher is a fearless bred to be outstanding aid for the police force and fierce guardians of homes. Doberman stand above other dogs at 28 inches tall and can weigh up to 100 pounds. They have so much strength and must be exposed to early training. Keeping Doberman is challenging because their size makes it difficult to get them trained and getting them to be obedient is also a big task. Meanwhile they are intelligent, loyal, obedient, energetic, alert and courageous. Owners must be extra careful in order not to be the first casualty and having children around them is of uttermost risk.


  1. Boxer


Boxers are domineering and often aggressive towards same sex dogs. They also sometimes exhibit aggression towards humans. Due to their aggression, they develop a lot of energy and their hunting instinct is sharp. They can attack children without remorse as well so it is often advisable not to leave children around them. This breed needs extra attention so things don’t go wrong.

Originally developed in Germany to participate in hunting and dog fight, it is naturally configured to be aggressive and purposeful. The Boxer must not be owned by carless owners and lazy trainers have no business with this unique breed.


  1. Labrador Retriever


Unlike the Boxer, the Labrador Retriever isn’t as dangerous. The Labrador Retriever is the single most popular dog breed in the United States. They are basically family dog and so are friendly, energetic and people loving dogs.


  1. Siberian Husky


This breed is naturally playful, active, social and loyal. They may look ‘evil,’ going by their makeup but they are not necessarily dangerous to owners and other dogs.. Going by statistics, the Siberian Husky is dangerous and such large dogs must be kept away from children because their excessive energy and being very active can propel aggressive behavior sometimes.





  1. English Mastiff

English Masstiff

Characterised by its bravery, the English Mastiff is good-natured and dignified. It is also by nature, docile and gentle. Meanwhile if neglected and not well trained it could become aggressive. However, early training is a way to make its good-nature appreciated. Early training would make this breed socialise and relate well with the family. Without early training it may suspect strangers and may not ‘cooperate’ easily. A dog that could measure roughly 36 inches and can weigh up to 230 pounds must be exposed to early training to avoid problems.


  1. Bulldog

Bull Dog

The Bulldog is friendly, brave and calm. These attributes have made some to critisise it, naming it the dumbest breed. They may not be as dumb as thought but may have been largely misunderstood. Some owners have interpreted their reluctance to comply with instructions as a lack of intelligence. The Bulldog is simply a little bit stubborn and may not easily obey instructions except the owner is firm and consistent. The major issue with this bred is the difficulty to get trained  and this may account for its occasional attacks on humans. If properly trained early enough there should be no issue with the Bulldog known to be social, docile and friendly.


  1. German Shepherd

German shepherd

The German Shepherds are very popular and are believed to be synonymous with the police dogs. They are intelligent, devoted and obedient. Since they are good crime fighters, they can also be dangerous.It often believes its duty is to protect the family and this mindset may lead to an accident. Once it perceives a threat to the family it will attack to defend and not many people can withstand its attack. With a height of about 25 inches and weighing like 80 pounds of pure muscle, even without any intention to attack, they can be dangerous with children around them.


  1. Rottweiler.


Also called the ‘Rottie’, the Rottweiler is one of the most expensive dogs around. It is also one of the most dangerous breeds and one of the world’s fiercest dog breeds. With an increase in the number of this breed of ferocious guard dog, dog attacks may be on the increase.Loyal, protective, affectionate, the Rottweiler is good-natured and will do its best to protect the family. Most owners will describe them as loyal, fearless, courageous and confident; these are fantastic temperament characteristics of the perfect family guard dog. It can be really calm as well though vicious. By records most of its victims have been robbers who tried to break into compounds regarded as its territory and the attacks must be deadly as expected. To be fair, the Rottie is only doing its job.



  1. Pit Bull Terrier


This is a playful, protective and confident dog. As playful as it may be, its attack is deadly. In fact once a Pit Bull bites down, its jaws can lock with brute force.Going by straight statistics, the Pit Bulls are considered to be the most dangerous dog breed. But despite earning this dangerous reputation, the Pit Bull can be a very sweet dog. It can be one of the best companion dogs if well trained. This breed is not inherently vicious but its handling may mean a lot. It is specially configured but early and precise training is the key to handling this breed. Its owner must understand its temperament and must not abuse it. Being careless to details may mean death and of course the opposite actually leads to a great relationship.


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