As environmentalists SitOut on 6 cities for Climate Change

...waging war against plastic pollution for cleaner environment

As part of its objectives of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 13 of the United Nations which campaigns for creating a better, cleaner, greener, livable and sustainable planet, an environment friendly organisation; FutureSavers recently converged on different parts of Nigeria for the maiden edition of its monthly #ClimateSitOut event to discuss ‘Plastic Pollution and The Environment.’

Led by Founder/CEO of the organisation, #FutureSavers had their #SitOut 30th August where the present and future of the environment was discussed in lieu of plastic and its attendant effects. The participants were fired up to do more in saving the planet as it’s the home for everyone, at least for now.

#FutureSavers, in a bid to have more students in the discussion, had most of the #ClimateSitOut on campuses across the nation.

From the Sports of Federal University of Technology (FUTA), Akure, Ondo State to the Botanical Garden of University of Ibadan, the message was the same: take out plastic from circulation and you have saved hundred millions of souls from pollution.

At the Adeyemi College of Education sitout, coordinated by Babasuyi Bamidele, the participants queried the silence of the government on the various strides taken by individuals and not-for-profits at reducing pollution and wished they could take more drastic steps at supporting them.

From Awka, Anambra State, the sitout was interactive and more of a lecture delivered by Dr. Chukwudi, who charged the attendees on the need to do away with plastics and its products and live lives aimed to finally removing plastics from circulation.

At FUTA, the participants want the people to change and not the planet. They argued that it’s the responsibilities of all to ensure the total removal of plastics and its products from the nooks and corners of the world.

The University of Benin played host to its #ClimateSitOut activity where participants concluded it would be instructive to build a bigger platform for fighting the scourge of plastic pollution and these could be achieved through discussions and deliberations, like the one the sit out offers.

Botanical Garden of University of Ibadan had conscious and concerned environmentalists show their anger and dissatisfaction on the attempts by influential government individuals to influence the decisions of departments, ministries and agencies of the government in its plans to curb fossil burning, plastic production and the reward system in private/individual plastic recycling plans.

In all, the first #ClimateSitOut organised by Future Savers happened in six cities across Nigeria including Lagos, Ibadan, Awka, Ondo, Benin and Akure and the message was simple, ‘enough of plastic pollution!’


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