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Mystery surrounds death of over 300 elephants in Botswana

...Botswana has a third of Africa's elephant population

About 350 elephants have died mysteriously in Botswana, a country that has a third of population of elephants in Africa.

The cause of death of the large mammals is still unknown and carcasses have littered the Okavango Delta since early May triggering concerns of epidemic in the area due to the decomposing carcasses.

According to a report on BBC, Dr. McCann of the UK-based charity National Park Rescue said local conservationists had first altered of the development after a flight over the delta.

“They spotted 169 in a three-hour flight,” he said, adding that, “To be able to see and count that many in a three-hour flight was extraordinary.

“A month later, further investigations identified any more carcasses, bringing the total to over 350.

“This is totally unprecedented in terms of numbers of elephants dying in a single event unrelated to drought,” he said.

Meanwhile, poaching has been ruled out of the reasons for the death of the elephants because the animals’ tusks were not removed. Also, anthrax poisoning has been ruled out though it was responsible for over a hundred deaths among the elephants in 2019.

It is however a public health concern as investigations are still underway to ascertain the reasons responsible for the death of hundreds of the animals.

Meanwhile, investigation must be thorough at a time the world is fighting the battle against novel COVID-19 pandemic.


Picture source:BBC.COM


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