Why dogs get stuck while mating

Getting stuck is a common feature when dogs mate and the reason is not far-fetched.

The phenomenon is called copulating tie and scientists have discovered that male dog has an organ called the bulbus glandis and it is the gland responsible for keeping the male tied to the female during the process called copulatory tie.

This tie keeps the semen secured inside the bitch as mating is a crucial and important activity in a dog’s life.

The bulbus glandis expands and gets locked in the uterus of the female and this increases the chances of pregnancy, though not a strict requirement for pregnancy.

Depending on other factors, the approximate period of getting stuck may be between five and fifteen minutes but may last longer sometimes.

According to scientists, the calmer the dogs, the shorter the period of getting stuck into each other. When the bulbus glandis relaxes, the animals are unlocked.

Stages in dog mating exercise

  1. Mounting – this happens when the female attracts its mate by displaying its rear to show readiness.
  2. Penetrating- this is the stage when the male locates and penetrates the vulva of the female.
  3. Ejaculation- When the vulva is identified and penetrated, ejaculation takes place and the male releases the prostatic fluid with its semen.

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