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Do parrots really talk?

...the colourful birds are wired to learn sounds

Parrots have been with man from time immemorial and these special birds are perhaps the closest to man as far as speech is concerned.

The wiring in the parrot’s brain has been traced to its ability to imitate sounds and human speech, scientists have discovered.

Parrots don’t really talk but configured to mimic sounds.

These beautiful birds are among the few animals considered ‘vocal learners’ which makes them able to mimic humans.

Within three to six months old, smaller parrots species start learning to repeat words and sounds. In larger species, six to twelve months is when they start to learn.

Like little children, the first attempt to mimic ends woefully but they don’t give up. At early stage they mumble sounds difficult for anyone to comprehend but tend to make sense with time.

Practice, they say makes perfect, parrots must continue to learn, getting better in the process.

Meanwhile there are about 356 species of parrots on the planet distributed among countries especially in the tropics.

Below are the countries with top population of parrot species


Brazil                              -82 species

Indonesia                      – 77 species

Colombia                       – 57 species

Australia                        -53 species

Peru                                -53 species

Bolivia                            -51 species

Venezuela                     -50 species

Ecuador                         -49 species

Papua New Guinea      -48 species

Argentina                      -27 species

Guyana                          -24 species

Mexico                           -23 species



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