Male cats are lefthanders while females prefer right paw-Research

A new study has found that domestic cats use their paws differently. While more of the males are left handers, the females are more on the right.

A report published on animal behaviour revealed that about three quarter of the cats in a survey had paw preference. While the females were significantly more likely to use their right paw, the males were left handers according to the report.

According to a researcher, Dr. Deborah Wells, a Reader at the School of Psychology, Queen’s University, Belfast, whose PhD project centered on Animal welfare, animal behavoiur, laterality bond, dogs, cats, zoo animals, “Testing your cat’s paw preference is just a matter of being observant.”

Meanwhile, a previous study had revealed that the Tom (male cat) seems to swing to its left paw when engaged in a difficult task.

Now determining whether the left is stronger than the right paw is another question as further studies have revealed that there are more south pore males than female among humans.

Meanwhile among domestic cats, the males have a bias for the left while the female have bias for the right side according to the study.

You may just take time to study your cats and conduct your own little research like Dr. Wells has said that testing your cat’s paw preference is just a matter of being observant.



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