Dogs are loyal, sensitive enough to attack owner’s ‘enemies’ -Ayodele

...when a man is not happy with someone, his dog becomes hostile to the person

Emmanuel Ayodele grew up to like dogs. His family kept dogs while he was a child. Now a parent, he has continued with the tradition. In this interview with DAYO EMMANUEL, Ayodele narrates his experience with man’s best friend. According to him, dogs are very loyal and sensitive animals who may even pick the fights of their owners and become aggressive towards the owner’s ‘enemies’ He also advises people should not take in these pets if they are not financially stable.


You’ve kept dogs for some years, what can you say is special about these pets?

They are man’s best friends ever loyal, can’t betray their master. One thing people don’t know is that when a man is not happy with another person, his dog becomes hostile to the person that’s how sensitive dogs are.

Do you have an example of this scenario?

Yes. A tenant was having issues with his landlord not having paid rent so the landlord was not on talking terms with his tenant. They live in the same compound and so the dog was used to the tenant but the moment there was disagreement, the dog was now barking the tenant seriously anytime it sees the tenant. Incidentally it will not bark the tenant’s wife.

Ayodele and dogs

From your experience, what are the challenges in keeping dogs?

Challenges vary from medications to proper feeding and general care. Feeding can be really expensive and please am talking about pedigree dogs not ‘bingo’.

Please what is the difference between ‘bingo’ and pedigree dogs? I learnt there is no pure dog. I was told every dog is a product of some ‘contamination’. How true is this?

Yes somehow, but once you have like 85% and above you can safely say you have pure breed. ‘Bingos’ are our local Naija dogs. Pedigrees are in the category of Rottweiler, German Shepherds, Russian shepherds etc.

Keeping pets is an activity that a recent study says can increase the intelligence of children who keep them. The study also says such children could be more compassionate than children who don’t keep pets. Is this true about your children?

True because the love part of them will develop. Everyone in my family loves dogs. Growing up, my dad loved dogs. I never had a time in my life that there was no dog, at least one in our house. I grew up in the North but whenever we were traveling for Christmas we would go with our dogs.

You have very big dogs. How do you keep them from constituting nuisance to the immediate community?

One thing is that you need a space of your own. So if you are renting, ensure you are alone in the compound and if you are the owner, then you shouldn’t have tenants in your compound. Importantly, your dog should always remain within the confines of your house. When they are being walked, they must be on leash.

Ayodele and his dog

Can you share yours and your family’s most emotional moment keeping dogs?

Whenever we lose any of our dogs it is painful and sad moments

What is your advice to people who like to keep dogs?

They must be financially stable.  Person wey never chop belleful should not keep dogs. You must have love and passion for dogs. If it is because you want them to guard your house, if that’s your purpose, please go and get a guard.

Why do people still need guards when there are ‘lion-like’ dogs in the house?

If you love and have passion for dogs they will serve but if all you want is a guard then get a guard because the owner that is looking for a guard will not look after the dog properly as they should be cared for..

How do you dispose of any dog that dies? Do you give to dog eaters or conduct ‘funeral’?

We dispose by burying. Definitely not to dog eaters.

What financial gains do you derive from keeping dogs because keeping these special breeds don’t come cheap.

When you sell puppies. But for me it’s more of hobby and passion than material gain.

How do you get them?

They are sold all over but like you said, they don’t come cheap. I have flown dogs from Lagos to Abuja on some occasions before.



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