What to do when your pet develops ulcer

…pets undergoing ulcer treatments should not eat table scraps while on treatment

Many pet owners may not know their pets can develop stomach ulcer as a result of poor feeding.

According to studies, ulcers are painful for both humans and pets and in the case of canine ulcers, the causes and symptoms can be similar as well.

The diagnosis a veterinarian will perform is similar to what a human Doctor would take to track the exact cause and the severity. Once everyone is sure of the cause, a treatment plan can be put into play as quickly as possible.

Canine ulcers are sores on the skin or along the mucous membrane and these resemble similar sores in humans with ulcers. An ulcer resembles an injury along the lining of the intestines or stomach. It is always a dark looking patch along the wall of the intestine or stomach and there can be more than one.

Some of the symptoms of canine ulcers are non-visual pain usually such as such as loss of appetite and stomach pain usually shown by the dog not wanting its belly touched. The visual symptoms that occur later can include pale gums, vomiting of partially digested blood which shows as a dark substance, or black tar-like stools also caused by blood.

Causes of canine ulcer symptoms, and of the ulcers themselves can be either from ingested material of from illness. Ingested causes can include lead poisoning. An illness such as a bacterial infection, liver diseases or uremia, which is faeces in the blood, can also cause canine ulcers. Another possible cause is stress and extreme anxiety.

Only a Veterinarian can tell if the noticed symptoms are related to ulcer, and this is necessary in order to avoid drug abuse. Such Veterinarian would conduct some tests including blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds, x-rays to determine actual situation.

Pet owners would do well to re-evaluate their pet’s diet. It will also be good to reduce salt intake and spice in its diet. Such pets should also not be fed with table scraps while trying to eliminate the ulcer.

In the case of dogs, it will be good to take out stress from the dog’s life. If the dog yawns a lot, that is a sign of anxiety and not tiredness. If it is already taking anti-inflammatory medication, a Veterinarian must be involved because such medication may be part of the problem. Pet owners must also remove any small item which the dog can break apart and swallow such as coins, batteries, plastic parts or balls and writing materials.

Ultimately, time is the only healing method for ulcers, keeping potential infections or new causes down is the only way to allow the ulcer to heal.


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