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I personally believe those who destroy the environment can’t go to heaven-Nnimmo Bassey

...and those who take more than what should be taken from nature


Renowned environmentalist and founding member of the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, Rev. (Dr.) Nnimmo Bassey has said that those who destroy the environment cannot go to heaven.

Bassey said this at the Centre for Children’s Health Education Orientation and Protection (CEE-HOPE) yesterday, where a hall was named after him.

The non-governmental organisation, CEE-HOPE had honoured Bassey for his support for the organisation over the years, hence, naming a hall Nnimmo Bassey Conference Hall after him.

Executive Director of CEE-HOPE, Betty Abah at the event said, Nnimmo Bassey was her boss at the Environmental Rights Action, who after her service at the NGO remained a great support, mentor and father to her.

Lake Nora

“What I learnt from Nnimmo Bassey is advocacy. When people are oppressed, there is nobody to speak for them most time but once the oppressors know that someone like Nnimmo Bassey is around, they would mind how they carry out their oppression,” Abah said at the event.

Abah narrated how supportive Bassey and his immediate family had been to her organisation and to humanity in general.

“Nnimmo Bassey has been to Makoko where we work with the local people, he has supported the women, children and fishermen, they are ever grateful. So if we are honouring him today by naming a hall in our facility after him, it is not too much.”

Responding, Bassey expressed appreciation for the great honour CEE-HOPE has bestowed on him.

“It is a very big pleasure for us to visit CEE-HOPE. The last time I was hare was 2017, I must thank the management, Board of Trustee for the great work being done,” he said.

He added that, “We have many NGOs but CEE-HOPE stands out because they affect lives. The scope looks narrow, so it covers women and children but it actually covers all areas.

“If you are saying the truth, you are not afraid because you can’t do anything about the truth and that is what is keeping CEE-HOPE, you stand for the helpless, the oppressed and that is why you see the success.

“We are never doubtful of what the organisation is doing, we find ourselves very comfortable to stand with people like CEE-HOPE because that is what we do as well. So on behalf of myself and my wife, I appreciate this colourful honour. It is a very good way to spend today here,” he said.

Digressing into environmental issues, the environmentalist and minister of the gospel, Rev. Bassey said, “God created the earth and put man there. I personally believe those who destroy the earth, those who destroy nature and those who take more than what should be taken from the environment cannot go to heaven. The earth needs a Sabbath to replenish itself,” he said.

Representing the Makoko community where CEE-HOPE has its biggest intervention, Prince Tobi on behalf of the Makoko people said, Dr. Nnimmo Bassey is a respected figure in Makoko.

“We at Makoko community thank him for all the support he has given us in Makoko. The work you did for the fishermen is still in our memory, we pray the Lord will help you in Jesus name,” he prayed.

Prince Tobi added that, “If we are bringing people from Makoko to this event today, this place will not contain us. So we are just saying thank you sir.”



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