World Rabies Day: Dog owners, vets to collaborate against zonotic disease

Dog owners and vets around the world are set to mark the 17th Rabies Day.

Celebrated every 28th September, the 2023 edition is with the theme: “All for 1, One Health for all”.

The theme: ‘All for 1, One Health for all’ highlights that One Health is not for a selected few but for everyone.

All for 1 – One Health for all Rabies control programmes offer a great example to operationalise One Health – building the structures and trust that are crucial to establish systems for other zoonotic diseases, including those that are pandemic-prone.

Ensuring equitable access to health services and rabies post-exposure prophylaxis for underserved communities not only saves lives but also strengthens national health systems.

With the Zero by 30: Global Strategic Plan for the elimination of dog-mediated human rabies deaths by 2030 we have a shared global goal.

The world has the vaccines, medicines, tools, and technologies to break the cycle of one of the oldest diseases.

Together in unity we can eliminate rabies. Leaving no one behind.

The theme further emphasises the importance of equality, and strengthening overall health systems by ensuring that One Health is not for a select few but rather something that should be available to everyone.

By collaborating and joining forces across sectors, engaging communities and committing to sustain dog vaccination, together as 1 we can work towards 1 goal to eliminate 1 disease to make One Health available to all – using rabies as the example.


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